Tom Brady getting ‘The Last Dance' treatment is too much, too soon


“Know when to say when.” 

Are you old enough to remember that phrase? Tom Brady sure is. 

Nearly 40 years ago in 1982, Anheuser-Busch launched an ad campaign with the slogan “know when to say when” to combat drunk driving. I’m resurrecting that famous phrase for something far less dangerous, but still obnoxious — Tom Brady’s sudden obsession with attention.

Know when to say when, Tom. 

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The former Patriots quarterback (still weird to write) on Thursday tweeted out a trailer for an upcoming ESPN series entitled “Man in the Arena.” This will be a nine-part series about ... TBD.

I imagine we’ll get to see little Tommy in Northern California being adorable with his family. And I’m sure there will be footage and motivational quotes of a 10th-string guy at Michigan. Maybe we’ll even get a glimpse of never-before-seen video of Brady during his 20 years in Foxboro. 


The reason the ‘The Last Dance’ was a success is because it had been 22 years since Jordan and the Bulls took the floor together. It was not only a sporting retrospective, but a cultural one. 

Michael Jordan had two decades of reflection and maturity to look back on all of his successes and failures. Jordan could tell us about the competitive urges that really drove him because he was no longer competing. 

Brady and the Pats will be a whopping two years removed from their last title and Brady will (presumably) still be a member of the Buccaneers. There will be nothing revelatory because he’ll still be in the league. 

This is going to be Tom v Time 2.0. It’s going to be Tony Robbins platitudes sprinkled with a pre-game hype video.

The self-proclaimed team-first guy is now peddling his second memoir-like “documentary.” 

Brady should be above this. He shouldn’t need to tell his story while it is still being written, and yet, here we are.

Know when to say when, Tommy. 

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