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‘The Dynasty': Takeaways from Episodes 9 and 10 of Patriots doc

The final two episodes of Apple TV+'s docuseries covered the bitter end of the Pats' historic 20-year run.

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Apple TV+'s "The Dynasty," a 10-part docuseries chronicling the New England Patriots' illustrious 20-year run, wrapped up with its final two episodes Friday.

Episode 9 covered a variety of controversial topics, including Bill Belichick's infamous decision to bench Malcolm Butler in Super Bowl LII, how Belichick's relationship with former president Donald Trump affected the team, and the rift between Belichick and Tom Brady that resulted from Belichick's banishment of Brady's trainer, Alex Guerrero.

Episode 10 focused on the final Super Bowl title of the Brady-Belichick era -- a 13-3 win over the Los Angeles Rams -- and Brady's decision to leave after the 2019 campaign.

Brady visited Patriots owner Robert Kraft that offseason to let him know he was moving on.

“Tommy called to say he’d like to come over," Kraft recalled during Episode 10. "When we walked into the room, he said, ‘I’ve decided to move on. As soon as he said it, he started crying. And his crying told me everything I needed to know.”

Brady and Kraft proceeded to call Belichick and have what the future Hall of Fame described as an "emotional" conversation.

“I would say that’s kind of what I expected," Belichick said of Brady's departure. "But saying goodbye’s always hard and I loved coaching Tom, loved having him on our football team. But at that point in time, I think he made the right and the best decision.”

On Friday's Arbella Early Edition, former Pats linebacker Ted Johnson and CBS Boston's Michael Hurley shared their takes on those Belichick remarks.

"Does Bill Belichick understand what a colossal failure that is?" Hurley asked. "This is the most powerful driving force to success in the NFL. He goes to Tampa effing Bay, the most loser organization of our entire lives, and turns them into winners overnight. That's a guy that you said, 'Well it was best for him to get out of here.' That is a failure."

Johnson was just as perplexed by how Belichick described Brady's departure four years later.

"That's the thing that's shocking is that Bill's acknowledging even after the fact -- that was recorded probably fairly recently where he's saying Tom made the right decision. You forced Tom out of here," he said. "You're saying he had a decision, there really was no decision because you weren't going to pay him. And for him to say it was the right decision in hindsight knowing that Tom won a Super Bowl going to another team is kind of shocking to me, to be honest with you."

Brady's 2019 contract situation was the straw that broke the camel's back regarding his rift with Belichick. Former Pats quarterback Brian Hoyer recalled on "The Dynastic Post Show" Brady telling him to "be ready to play the whole year."

Despite all the drama, Brady caps off the series with nothing but positive things to say about his 20 years in Foxboro.

“It’s perfect,” an emotional Brady said of the dynasty. "It doesn’t need to be anything more than that.”

Watch the full episode of "The Dynastic Post Show" featuring Hoyer below:

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