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Perry, Breer assess the risk of trading down for Patriots

Phil Perry and Albert Breer break down why moving down in the draft could be a big risk for New England.

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The wait is nearly over. On Thursday night, the New England Patriots will likely select who they believe can be their franchise quarterback at the 2024 NFL Draft. But with the No. 3 overall pick, they could trade down a few spots in hopes of acquiring more assets.

Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer joined NBC Sports Boston's Phil Perry on the latest episode of The Next Pats Podcast where the two discussed the possible risks of trading down from No. 3.

"I believe -- if it works out how I think it's going to work out now, [Caleb] Williams one, [Jayden] Daniels two -- that the Patriots will stay at three and take Drake Maye," Perry told Breer. "The most interesting thing I've heard all week is just how much the Giants really love Drake Maye."

Perry then walked through what a trade with the New York Giants could look like if they are so inclined to trade up for Maye. Assuming New York's No. 6 pick would be involved in the trade, Perry added that he expects the Arizona Cardinals to take a receiver at No. 4 -- presumably Marvin Harrison Jr. -- but the No. 5 pick leaves risk if the Patriots want to take the next best QB in J.J. McCarthy.

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"You're just hoping against hope that nobody trades up to five to take the fourth quarterback," Perry said of the pick currently owned by the Los Angeles Chargers. "You might trade down to six and say, 'Well, we've got a pretty good chance at landing J.J. McCarthy,' but you don't know that, and that's what would scare me if I'm the Patriots."

If the Patriots moved down to No. 6 in a trade with the Giants, and another team followed by trading up to No. 5 to select McCarthy, Perry added that the Patriots would likely have to trade down again -- adding in the same risk they already dealt with -- in hopes of landing Michael Penix Jr. or Bo Nix later in the draft.

"What I've heard the Patriots told teams is that they are going to listen [to offers] all the way up to when they are on the clock," Breer said. "They want to have the full amount of information that they possibly can on what everyone can bring to the table."

While agreeing with Perry's take on the Giants willingness to move up to take the UNC product, Breer added that the Minnesota Vikings could also be looking to move up, claiming that they believe they can make things work with a number of QBs available in the draft whereas the Giants are solely in on Maye.

Even if the Patriots don't see much of a difference between Maye and McCarthy, New England's worst-case scenario would be to trade down from No. 3 in hopes of taking McCarthy a few picks later, but another team sneaks in and drafts him before they got the chance, leaving them without a top quarterback prospect.

Perry's prediction of how the draft will play out for the Patriots ultimately has the team staying at No. 3 to select Maye, using their No. 34 pick to add some help to the offensive line.

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