PODCAST: How ‘bad energy' and ‘lack of mental toughness' led to Dolphins upset over Patriots


Mike Giardi and Dan Koppen discuss the Patriots bad energy level on the road at night and Tom Brady’s 7-9 record in Miami. Should we have seen signs of this loss coming?

(4:30) Patriots didn’t come out and play with the sense of urgency that we normally see with multiple 3 and outs and going 0-11 on 3rd down conversions. (6:30) Dolphins defense played very well and were able to tackle effectively while the Patriots had trouble in that area. Patriots defense also made Jay Cutler look good throwing the ball around. (9:35) Was there a carry over from the previous game played against Miami for Tom Brady, knowing how much he would be getting hit? (14:40) Thoughts on the Patriots signing Kenny Britt after he was released by the Browns. (17:50) The Patriots lack of a running game, how you need to establish a running game with Gronk out, and the Patriots needing to change the tempo of the offense. (21:25) Dolphins having plenty of talent and the growing confidence of their secondary and Dion Lewis being taken out of the gameplan. (23:10) Did some players on the Patriots look ahead to the Steelers and overlook the Dolphins? (24:30) How did this performance affect Koppen’s confidence of the Patriots defense? (25:45) Will the Steelers defense be able to stop the Patriots offense? Are injuries starting to creep into the mind of the Patriots?

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