Phil Perry's Mock Draft 5.0: Patriots wheel and deal with future in mind


The Patriots trade up more often than you think. They've made 21 draft-day trades to better their position during Bill Belichick's tenure, including four trades up in the first round. (We had the Patriots trading up in our last mock draft to nab Iowa tight end T.J. Hockenson at No. 21 overall.)

But Belichick and Nick Caserio are no strangers to trading down, either. Belichick has made 24 draft-day trades to wiggle down the board and pick up additional assets since 2000. The number of times he's traded down from his place in the first round? Four. And in this mock draft, that's exactly what we'll have him doing once again. 

Why? The talent in this draft class from the middle of the first round through the bulk of the second round, from what I've been told, is relatively similar. Why choose at No. 32 if the caliber of player at No. 43 won't be all that different? Plus, the pick the Patriots will add for 2020 could help them land the heir to Tom Brady.

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