Perry: Mac Jones in awe of Damar Hamlin's competitive spirit


FOXBORO -- The scene had to have been an incredible one. When Damar Hamlin became alert at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and could communicate, doctors said his first question was to ask if the Bills won on Monday night.

"Yes, Damar, you won," Dr. Timothy Pritts recounted. "You won the game of life."

When asked about it Thursday, Patriots quarterback Mac Jones couldn't help but appreciate the competitive spirit.

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"Yeah, I think every update that we get in the locker room, everyone’s super excited to hear that each time he’s doing better and we’re all super excited," he said. "Honestly, that’s pretty wild. You can tell that he’s a competitor, right? And that’s the first thing he’s asking and all that.

"I think that’s who we are as people. We love the game of football and obviously I’m just so glad he’s doing better and his family hopefully can start talking with him and doing all that stuff. Really just him and his family, prayers to them. Obviously, he’s a great competitor and I hope he has a speedy recovery here. All thoughts and prayers are with him and his family."

Bills quarterback Josh Allen smiled as he said at a press conference Thursday, "His dad said the first thing he's going to ask is 'Who won the game?' "

"As a teammate you love hearing his response wasn't 'poor me', it was how are my teammates?"

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