Patriots Talk Podcast: Tom Brady Sr. understands why there's Brady fatigue


Tom Brady will play in his 10th Super Bowl on Feb. 7, and his first in a non-New England Patriots uniform.

While it'll be a bittersweet experience watching their beloved former quarterback on football's biggest stage with a new team, there's little doubt that Patriots fans will be glued to the TV for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Kansas City Chiefs showdown at Raymond James Stadium.

Curran: Brady's win a loss of Ruthian proportions for Pats

As the 43-year-old competes for his seventh title, the Patriots are left scrambling for an answer at the QB position. How did we get here? Just how foolish was it of New England to let Brady walk? And how should we look back on the Brady-Patriots divorce?

Tom E. Curran discussed with Tom Brady Sr. on a brand new episode of the Patriots Talk Podcast.

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As his son gears up for yet another Super Bowl, Brady Sr. remains in awe of all he's been able to accomplish during his football career.

"If I didn't believe in miracles, frankly I wouldn't know how to categorize what's happened to my son for the last 25 years," Brady Sr. said.

Back in 2015, Brady Sr. predicted things eventually would "end badly" with his son and the Patriots. However, the split wasn't as painful as he once thought it would be.

"I think the 20 years worked out for Tom as great as any 20 years could have worked out for any football player anywhere at any time," he said. "So we really don't look back. This is a really wonderful opportunity for him and it's going to put the Patriots exactly where they want to be, so that's great. I think it's just a wonderful success story on both ends of the equation."

Earlier on Tuesday, Curran posted a poll question asking, "The Patriots making it easy for Tom Brady to leave New England was (fill in the blank): A. Necessary, B. Complicated but correct, C. Avoidable miscalculation, or D. Hidsotically stupid.

Care to answer, Mr. Brady?

"No," Brady Sr. said with a laugh. "Let's keep our history in perspective. We had nine freakin' trips to the Super Bowl with the Patriots. We've got Patriots blood in our veins.

"Bill [Belichick] and Mr. [Robert] Kraft and us and all the teammates, we've got something special that we'll share the rest of our lives. And so, we won't have to look back at it as a winner or loser. I think we're all winners, frankly."

Also discussed in the new episode - A Curran rant: How idiotic is it that Brady isn’t here? And would Matthew Stafford be a perfect fit for the Patriots?

Check out the latest episode of the Patriots Talk Podcast on the NBC Sports Boston Podcast Network, or watch on YouTube below:

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