Patriots Talk: Are Pats in a ‘good spot' at the QB position?


There's plenty of uncertainty at the quarterback position for the New England Patriots heading into the 2021 season. But with that uncertainty, there's some optimism following the NFL Draft.

The Patriots' first-round selection of Alabama's Mac Jones set up an interesting QB competition this summer between Jones and veteran Cam Newton. While it remains to be seen which quarterback will be under center in Week 1, New England is set up to improve in the passing game following a year in which players had minimal time to prepare for the campaign.

On a brand new episode of the Patriots Talk Podcast, Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry debate whether the Pats actually are in a "good spot" at QB heading into the season.

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"After watching Thursday, spending some time the last couple of days talking to folks around the organization, it's hard to argue that the Patriots aren't just in a better spot, they're in a good spot at quarterback," Curran said.

Perry isn't quite as prepared to use the "G" word to describe the Patriots' quarterback situation. However, Jones has made a solid first impression on those who have watched him at OTAs.

"Boy, I'm gonna hold off of saying 'good' as we currently understand that word to be defined," Perry replied. "Because there's just too many other quarterbacks around the league that you'd rather have. As good as Mac Jones was, and as good as he was in that one practice that we saw, I know both of us have spoken to people that watched the other OTA practices and the word is what we saw from Mac Jones wasn't an aberration Thursday. So when we're seeing the football being placed on people's facemasks consistently, that's kind of what he's done.

"He kind of is who he is, he is who we expected him to be coming out of the draft, and that's great. That's great for the Patriots. You have what looks like will be in relatively short order, a competent quarterback on a low salary meaning you'll be able to build up around him. I don't know if I'd call it a good quarterback situation yet."

Also discussed in the new episode: Breaking down the benefits of building around a rookie QB. What would it take for Mac Jones to start Week 1? Making the case for why Pats should play Jones sooner rather than later. Bill Cowher is still giving Patriots a pass on Spygate. And what deal should the Patriots offer for Julio Jones?

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