Patriots' Matthew Judon gives his take on NFL's controversial overtime rules


Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen gave one of the best performances in NFL playoff history during Sunday's AFC Divisional Round matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs, but he didn't get an opportunity to win game in overtime.

After twice giving the Bills the lead late in the fourth quarter, Allen's offense wasn't able to see the field in the OT period as Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes led his team on a game-winning touchdown drive.

The result reignited the debate over the league's overtime rules, especially in the playoffs, and whether each team should have at least one offensive possession regardless if the first drive ends in a touchdown.

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New England Patriots linebacker Matthew Judon was one of many people to weigh in on this debate via Twitter on Sunday night:

Judon's stance was different than most people in the wake of the Chiefs' 42-36 victory. Most of the opinions offered on social media were in favor of changing the overtime rules.

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The Chiefs were on the other end of the OT rules debate when the New England Patriots defeated them in the 2018 AFC Championship Game after winning the coin toss and scoring a touchdown on the first drive of the extra period. 

Kansas City even tried to get the overtime rules changed. Luckily for the Chiefs, they were unsuccessful in doing so, and we doubt they'll be talking about it much after Sunday's outcome.

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