Patriots are still a work in progress


The Patriots lost to the Jaguars because they had a nightmare first half on a very hot day in Jacksonville. In their defense, it was very hot out. Crazy hot. The hottest game in which Tom Brady has ever played. It was 97 degrees at kickoff, with a heat index in the triple digits. Hot, hot stuff. 

The Pats mounted a comeback in the second half, but it was distrupted by a strip-sack and yet another touchdown drive from Blake Bortles, who threw for four touchdowns. 

How hot it was. Also, how Week 1 was a fluke defensively and that they might actually stink on that side of the ball after all. Blake Bortles -- the one who isn't very good -- threw for 200 yards with three touchdowns in the first half alone. The rational view is that the Pats are just more of a work in progress with a new D coordinator than Week 1 may have suggested, but something tells me people people won't be rational. Sure, it was hot, but the defense was pretty bad Sunday. Then again, it isn't like the offense did much either.  

The Pats also lost both Trey Flowers and Patrick Chung to concussions in the game. Flowers went down on the Jaguars' first possession of the game, taking a knee to the neck area. 

Yes and they should have been. After electing to receive (folks sure were excited about that), the Pats' first three drives consisted of a missed field goal (in fairness, it was really hot) and two punts. Just prior to that punt, television viewers were treated to this: 

It was hot out.

Much like in Week 1, Brady didn't get much out of his receivers. James White led the team in receptions and Phillip Dorsett's five catches were the most among Pats wide receivers. Chris Hogan had two touchdowns in the second half once the Pats started finally moving the ball. Kenny Britt to the rescue on Monday? 

Oh, and the Patriots really tried to make Sony Michel happen on offense. They fed him the ball in the first half but didn't really see results. At least he's healthy. 

With the Patriots having scored 10 unanswered points, Kyle Van Noy intercepted Bortles to set up the Patriots at the Jacksonville 25 with plenty of time to erase what remained an 11-point deficit. Then Dante Fowler strip-sacked Brady on third down and the Jaguars got the ball. 

Folks were not happy when Telvin Smith was given a personal foul for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Chris Hogan late in the second quarter. Replays showed that it was a helmet-to-helmet hit, dummies. 

Can't help but wonder if maybe it wouldn't have been so hot out if Tom Brady had gone to OTAs. 

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