Max Kellerman roasts himself with awesome Tom Brady “cliff” tweet


Max Kellerman's "cliff" prediction for Tom Brady has aged worse than almost every NFL take spoken since.

Kellerman, to his credit, is willing to laugh about it years later.

If you don't remember, Kellerman said on ESPN's "First Take" before the 2016 season that Brady would soon "fall off a cliff" and no longer be an elite quarterback.

In the five years since those comments were made, Brady has won two Super Bowl titles (and a league MVP) in three appearances, and he'll make his fourth two weeks from now.

Brady's Bucs become first NFL team to accomplish this feat

Brady helped the Tampa Bay Buccaneers punch their ticket to Super Bowl LV with a 31-26 win over the Green Bay Packers in Sunday afternoon's NFC Championship Game at Lambeau Field.

Kellerman poked fun at himself after the game by simultaneously acknowledging Brady's greatness and admitting how awful that "cliff" take looks in hindsight.

OK, that's pretty good.

It's truly remarkable what Brady has accomplished at 43 years old. He's about to play in his 10th Super Bowl, and he's already won six times (all with the Patriots). Both of those stats are NFL records -- two that likely will never be broken.

If you cut Brady's 21 pro seasons in half, he'd have two Hall of Fame careers. Enjoy watching Brady now because we probably won't see anything like him in pro football again.

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