Mac Jones is unrecognizable in ‘Madden 22'


Mac Jones will finally get to play as himself in a video game when "Madden 22" hits stores in August, but there's just one problem.

The Madden version of Jones looks absolutely nothing like the real-life New England Patriots rookie quarterback. With a beard reminiscent of Andrew Luck and a face that makes it look like he hasn't slept in weeks, Jones' avatar is comically inaccurate.

See for yourself below:


Of course, there's a solid chance Jones just hasn't had his face scanned for the game yet since we're still two months away from the release date. At least, we hope that's the case. Otherwise, EA Sports has some serious work to do.

Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes were revealed as the "Madden 22" cover athletes last week. Let's hope their avatars actually, you know, look like Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes.

"Madden 22" is set for an Aug. 20 release.

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