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Judon backs Belichick in exchange with Asante Samuel about contract

"Will forever be my guy."

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Matthew Judon won't put up with any Bill Belichick slander.

The New England Patriots linebacker stood up for his head coach in an exchange with ex-Pats cornerback Asante Samuel once before, and he did it again on Friday. Amid reports of Judon wanting a contract adjustment, Samuel tweeted, "Let's see how much he likes Belichick now."

Judon quickly rebuffed Samuel's remark.

"Will forever be my guy. Don’t let that money effect my emotions Asante," he responded.

Samuel has taken every opportunity to rip Belichick in recent years. His favorite take is that Belichick is "just another coach" who benefited from legendary quarterback Tom Brady. Multiple former Patriots greats have publicly disagreed with Samuel's opinion, including Tedy Bruschi and Devin McCourty.

In addition to Judon's tweet, his comments at training camp on Friday shut down any discussion about potential animosity between him and Belichick.

"I'm happy to be here, man," Judon told reporters. "I'm definitely not gonna talk about contracts with y'all. Y'all some snitches!

"But I'm happy that I'm here, I'm happy that I'm a Patriot, and then wherever that goes, it goes."

Judon was more active -- albeit still limited -- on Friday after sitting out the first two days of camp. Nonetheless, contrary to Samuel's tweet, it doesn't seem like his contract situation is a serious issue heading into his third season with the organization.

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