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How Belichick addressed his future after Week 18 loss to Jets

Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft are scheduled to meet on Monday.

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Predictably, Bill Belichick was in no mood to discuss his uncertain future with the New England Patriots after falling to the New York Jets in Sunday's season finale.

Following the 17-3 defeat, Belichick shared a brief statement on his team's brutal season and what will come next.

"It's a disappointing year for all of us. Players, coaches, staff, the entire organization. Not anything that any of us are in any way content with, but it is what it is," Belichick told reporters.

"I'll address some questions on the game. As far as the future goes, I'll sit down with (team owner) Robert (Kraft) as I do every year at some point at the end of the season and we'll talk about things as we always do. I'm sure that will happen, but that's really all I have to say about that right now because there isn't anything else to talk about."

Belichick and the Patriots are widely expected to part ways after 24 seasons. Our Phil Perry asked the legendary head coach whether it is his preference to return to the sideline for New England in 2024.

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"I just finished the game with the Jets, put everything I had into it, and I'm disappointed in the results," Belichick answered.

Perry repeated his question, noting Belichick reportedly being under contract with the team through next season.

"I just finished the game with the Jets, Phil. I put everything I had into it this week and tried to prepare our team the best I could to play in it," Belichick reiterated.

The Patriots' 4-13 record marks the worst in Belichick's 29 years as an NFL head coach. It's also the franchise's worst season since 1992.

Belichick was asked whether the dismal campaign "took the wind out of his sails" as far as coaching goes.

"I enjoy coaching. Like I said, it was a disappointing season," Belichick said. "I like coaching the team, I like preparing the team, game planning, coaching on Sundays. But the results weren't good and none of us are happy with those."

Belichick's much-anticipated meeting with Kraft is expected to take place on Monday. The Patriots announced Belichick will hold his end-of-year press conference Monday at 7:30 a.m. ET.

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