EX-PATS PODCAST: Was Rob Gronkowski's suspension justified?


0:35 - Was the Rob Gronkowski suspension justified? Dan Koppen and Mike Giardi break down the Gronkowski late hit and 1-game suspension. With no past history, will Gronk’s suspension be reduced as he goes through the appeal process?

5:20 - A discussion about Rob Gronkowski’s frustration after getting held and manhandled during the game as the refs seems to treat Gronk differently than other players.

14:50 - The gameplan the Bills had against Rob Gronkowski, and what teams need to do to stop the tight end.

17:55 - The Bills talking after the game about Gronkowski’s late hit saying that they will remember what Gronk did and if there will be any payback during the next matchup. 

22:50 - How good is the Patriots defense and how confident should they be when they go against the Steelers on December 17th?

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