Burns raises eyebrows with his reaction to ankle incident with Mac Jones


Nearly three days have passed since New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones twisted the ankle of Carolina Panthers defensive Brian Burns during the first quarter of Sunday's Week 9 game, and tempers have not yet cooled.

Not even close, actually.

Burns spoke to reporters Wednesday and when asked about the play, he noted an apology from Jones is something he wants. It was another comment that really raised some eyebrows, though.

"I wish all my fellow d-end brothers happy hunting." Uh, what? Is that an invitation for defensive players to go after Jones?

The Patriots host the Cleveland Browns at Gillette Stadium for a Week 10 game Sunday afternoon. Browns defensive end Myles Garrett is one of the league's best pass rushers.

Burns also said he isn't buying Jones' explanation for grabbing his ankle, which was that he thought the Panthers defensive end had recovered the fumble after the initial sack.

The NFL reportedly was going to review the play, and it doesn't appear Jones will face further discipline.

The incident certainly caused a stir, with current and former players voicing their displeasure with Jones on social media.

Burns noted he would like to play the Patriots again, but the Panthers aren't scheduled to play New England again until 2025, unless they meet in the Super Bowl before then.

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