Breer on QB trade rumors: Patriots ‘checking in on everything'


The New England Patriots need to address the quarterback position this offseason. The only question is whether that will happen via the NFL Draft, the free-agent market, or a trade.

According to The MMQB's Albert Breer, the Patriots are doing their due diligence on the trade market while rumors fly regarding Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz.

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"I think the Patriots are checking in on everything at this point, but the asking price here is very, very high," Breer said on NBC Sports Boston's Early Edition. "My understanding is the Eagles were asking for a Matthew Stafford type of return for Carson Wentz, who just came off a terrible season, has a bad contract. And so I don't think they're gonna get that, but it does sound like there are some teams involved here.

"As for the Patriots, I think as a player, there's a sense maybe they could fix some things about him and get him back on his feet. I just don't know about the personality fit. Like, this is a guy who traditionally has not taken hard coaching very well, and we all know if you can't take hard coaching well, Foxboro's probably not the place for you."

So if Wentz isn't the guy, and Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson is out of reach, who could be on the Patriots' radar?

"Do you like Marcus Mariota? Honestly, that's probably what we're looking at," Breer said. "If you don't want to pay in this neighborhood, you're not going to get a quarterback like this. It's crazy out there right now, and if you're gonna swim in these waters you have to understand the cost of admission. That's sort of what it is right now and so, the other question is do you want to do that sort of thing or would you rather try and find yourself a Ryan Tannehill type of reclamation project.

After five seasons in Tennessee, Mariota spent the 2020 campaign as Derek Carr's backup in Las Vegas. The second overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft was electric in his one start, throwing for 226 yards and a touchdown while tallying 88 rushing yards and a TD vs. the Los Angeles Chargers.

Will Bill Belichick really want to take another risk at the QB position following the failed Cam Newton experiment? Who knows. But it certainly sounds like the Patriots are carefully exploring all of their options on the trade market.


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