UConn men's basketball team under NCAA investigation


By Rob Dauster, NBCSports.com

UConn is currently being investigated by the NCAA, the school confirmed on Thursday night to Jeff Jacobs, a longtime columnist in Connecticut.

According to Jacobs, the investigation in some way involves UConn’s recruiting. UConn didn’t give away any secrets in the statement they released.

The Hartford Courant is reporting that there are three recruits at the center of the investigation, and not all of them ended up playing for the Huskies. The paper also says that more than 100 hours of interviews have already been conducted.

But the investigation itself isn’t really what’s interesting here.

Kevin Ollie is what’s interesting.

It is not a secret that Ollie, who won the 2014 national title as the coach of the Huskies, is in some hot water in the state. He’s missed two of the last three NCAA tournaments and has been just twice in his tenure as head coach. He’s coming off the first losing season for UConn in three decades. The coaching staff is turning over like crazy. Talented players are transferring anywhere else that will take them. It’s a mess.

And it’s one that UConn, in theory, is going to have to pay for. Ollie does not have a buyout in his contract. He’s owed what he’s owed, which is nearly $3.5 million per year for the next three years. But there is an out in his contract: He’s owed nothing if he’s fired for just cause.

Would an NCAA investigation into the UConn program that he is heading be just cause?

I think Husky fans would hope so.



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