West: I won't be 100 percent this season


Rajon Rondo is feeling some of the aftereffects of not having a true backup point guard. He's tired. He's struggling.

But help is on the way.

Delonte West has indicated that he plans to make his return from a sprained ankle when the Celtics take on the Pacers Wednesday. And though he feels healthy enough to play, he told CSNNE's Carolyn Manno that he is still experiencing some discomfort.

"I'm not a 100 percent," West said. "But I'm able to play and perform so I'm looking forward to it.

"I don't think I'm gonna be 100 percent at all this year," he added. "I've been told that the wrist is gonna take another six months to recover, still don't have rotation. The ankle is a little sore, but no more sore than any other player is playing with right now."

West, who has played in just eight games this season, explained that his mental toughness has helped him during his rehab and will continue to push him as he plays through pain.

"I'm strong here," West said, pointing to his head. "Where the mind go, the body gonna follow."

Then, West described the benefits of dealing with diversity as only he can.

"These type of rough patches," he said, "is what molds coal into diamonds."

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