Report: No ‘change in strategy' by Nets in Kevin Durant trade talks


The Brooklyn Nets have shown no indication that they will cave to Kevin Durant's demands, which could result in the franchise going into the season with the superstar forward on its roster.

Durant requested a trade in late June, but no deal has materialized over that span despite various reports indicating the Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat, among other teams, having interest in Durant.

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What's the latest on the situation in Brooklyn? ESPN's Brian Windhorst gave an update Monday morning on "Get Up!". 

"Well 10 days ago, Kevin Durant and Joe Tsai met in London. Durant really tried to apply the pressure by asking for Steve Nash and Sean Marks to get fired. And guess what has happened? Nothing," Windhorst explained. "Nothing has happened. The dynamic around Kevin Durant hasn't changed at all. There hasn't been an urgency in trade talks. There hasn't been a change in strategy by the Brooklyn Nets.

"I think what we have here is really a study of leverage. First off, the Nets do not have leverage in trade talks with other teams. They are not giving them the offers that they want. They see no reason to increase them. And so they're not making any progress there. And Kevin Durant clearly does not have leverage with the Brooklyn Nets. He is asking for things: 'Get me traded. Fire the coach. Fire the GM.' He is being told no. So when you have denied leverage, you have a stalemate. So here we are in mid-August, we might be here at the end of August, and we might be here in mid-September."

Durant doesn't have much leverage, and one reason for that is his contract. He's about to start a four-year extension that doesn't include any player options. He won't be eligible for free agency again until the summer of 2026. The Nets have plenty of time to make a trade. They can wait for better offers to come in. 

The real interesting part of this situation is seeing whether Durant holds out. Will he show up to training camp? Could he actually sit out regular season games? The Nets could be a top team in the Eastern Conference this season if Durant, Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons are healthy.

But judging by the latest reports, Durant seems pretty adamant about leaving the Nets as soon as possible. 

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