Lee's injury not getting better, will cost him another game


NEW ORLEANS – A right heel injury will keep David Lee out of the Boston Celtics' lineup for the second straight game – and possibly longer depending on its severity and how quickly he can heal from the injury.

“Those things can take two days or two weeks depending on how how severe,” said Lee who added that he was told he was suffering from a bone bruise. “It doesn’t hurt a whole lot when I walk around. Obviously, I’ll be back as quickly as humanly possible.”

Lee said the injury occurred against Sacramento in Mexico City.

“There was a play I came down, the floor in Mexico City was a little bit of a harder floor than normal. I came down on a rebound and came down and sort of got pushed and landed on a different part of the foot than I normally would have.”

Lee’s injury, while disappointing, does alleviate some of the congestion that continues to in many ways define the Celtics this season.

For the season, Lee is averaging 6.6 points, 4.0 rebounds and 1.7 assists while shooting 51 percent from the field in 15.4 minutes.

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