Forsberg: Stromile Swift gives Kornet celebration his seal of approval


Stromile Swift was home in Louisiana bouncing around League Pass on Monday night when his phone started buzzing.

One of his close friends is a Boston Celtics fan and when Luke Kornet did Swift’s trademark bird-wing celebration following a dunk in Monday’s win over the Hornets, Swift's buddy excitedly messaged him to seek out the highlight.

The Celtics are usually one of Swift’s favorite League Pass teams, especially given a relationship with fellow Shreveport, La. product Robert Williams III. Soon he was watching the broadcast and even stuck around for Kornet’s locker room interview.

"I thought the celebration was good but the interview was even better," said the 43-year-old Swift, the No. 2 pick in the 2000 draft who played nine NBA seasons. "I’m just happy some of these younger guys still remember me."

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We suspect the many highlight reels of Swift’s best NBA dunks got a big uptick in views on Monday night. Swift was a powerful dunker who brought an undeniable energy to the court.

Swift said the bird celebration originated during his high school days as a way to make his friends laugh after big dunks. Which made watching the Celtics bench delight in Kornet’s celebration all the more rewarding to Swift.

"You can see how much those guys enjoy playing with each other," said Swift. "It’s a long season, you’re traveling all over the country, and you don’t always have that sort of relationship with guys. You can see those guys are having fun out there."

Google Swift’s highlights and you’ll see him throwing down an array of powerful slams, including over the likes of Yao Ming, and then quickly hitting his trademark celebration. Swift now coaches high school basketball at Word of God Academy in Louisiana and enjoys when his players eventually stumble upon his highlight reels.

As Kornet’s celebration spread across the internet, Swift texted former NBA teammate and current Celtics assistant coach Damon Stoudamire with direction to give Kornet his seal of approval for utilizing the celebration.

Swift also thinks these Celtics are capable of big things this season.

"Once Rob is back out there, they have a team capable of getting back to the Finals," said Swift. "Maybe even win the whole thing."

The Swift celebration came at a good time. Someone broke into Swift's truck on Monday and all the buzz about Kornet’s homage was a nice diversion.

And knowing that a little bit of Swift's legacy still lives on, and that a younger generation might be seeking out his highlights today, was even sweeter for Swift.

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