Forsberg: Schroder didn't fumble opportunity to poke fun at himself


Say this about Dennis Schroder: He’s got a sense of humor.

Schroder took to social media Wednesday — his 28th birthday, no less — to poke fun at himself about the money he lost in turning down a lucrative extension from the Lakers last season before signing a bargain-basement deal with the Celtics this summer.

Schroder, his head in hands while posing in front of two luxury vehicles and some expensive luggage, captioned the post, "I’m gonna do this ONE time! Insert your best 'fumbled the bag' joke here. ?? ? It’s my birthday ??so let’s get this over with and get back to business!"

(Click here to see Schroder's post on Instagram.)

Schroder reportedly turned down a four-year, $84 million offer from the Lakers that would have paid him an average annual value on $21 million, all in hopes of a $100-plus million payday. Instead, he had to settle for a one-year, $5.9 million deal with the Celtics after money evaporated in an oversaturated point guard market.

Earlier this month we wondered if Schroder could turn back the clock and embrace being an off-the-bench presence for the Celtics. We worried that his desire to reestablish a high-market value could run counter to Boston’s need for him to stay within his role.

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While one social media post doesn’t completely alleviate those concerns, it’s encouraging that Schroder is at least willing to acknowledge his misstep. Instead of bristling at the topic — which will invariably surface again when he meets with reporters for the first time when Celtics training camp opens later this month — Schroder got out in front of the story and can control the narrative.

Posing in front of a $2 million Bugatti is also one surefire way to make a statement for those trying to make you feel bad about lost wages. Schroder has earned $70 million during his NBA career and +should be hoping that, if Boston exceeds expectations with Schroder as a key piece this season, his value will rebound next summer.

Schroder’s most efficient NBA seasons came during a two-year stint in Oklahoma City where he embraced the Sixth Man role and finished as a runner-up for that award in 2020. His shooting splits plummeted with the Lakers last season, but he still averaged 15.4 points and 5.8 assists over 32.1 minutes per game.

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Schroder is set to come off the bench for Boston, which inked Marcus Smart to a four-year, $77 million extension this summer and will slot him in the starting role. There will still be a robust opportunity for Schroder, who will get every opportunity to lead the second unit and spearhead the offense.

Schroder averaged 18.9 points on 14.8 shots per game during the 2019-20 season, while shooting career bests at 46.9 percent from the floor and 38.5 percent beyond the 3-point arc.

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