2019 Bold Predictions: Bruins, Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox



Here are five predictions, some of them of the bold variety, for 2019 as it concerns the Bruins and their journey toward taking the next step as a team. It would appear there is plenty of promise in the months ahead for the Black and Gold and now it’s up to them to be bold and allow great forces to come to their aid.

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2018's been a strange year for the Celtics. They were, arguably, the best story in the NBA in the spring as they reached the Eastern Conference Finals -- and came within one game of the NBA Finals -- without their two best players. And they've been, arguably, one of the league's biggest disappointments so far in the fall and winter, stumbling along with a good-but-not-great record and looking nothing like the championship contender everyone expected they'd be. That was 2018. What will 2019 bring?

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What exactly qualifies as bold, anyway? How far into the depths of absurdity do we really have to reach in order for something to be considered topple-you-with-a-tidal-wave-of-bold bold? Here are five quick predictions -- we'll leave you to determine their levels of boldness -- for the Patriots in 2019 . . . 

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Here are five predictions for the Red Sox in 2019. They should be taken seriously and with the full understanding that sports writers, observers, media members and others who may be considered pundits have an ability to see the future that others do not, as validated by years of training, as well as certification from the American Board of Soothsayers.

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