Eckersley says he just wants to ‘move on' from ‘brutal' situation


Dennis Eckersley seemingly did not ask for any of the attention that’s come his way in recent weeks, but the emergence of details of his incident with David Price on a team flight has made him the center of attention. 

While Price’s berating of Eckersley in June has been the main story in Boston sports of late, NESN has understandably stayed away from the topic given that the network is owned by the Red Sox.

That silence was broken prior to Thursday’s game, when the station began its coverage with Eckersley briefly addressing the incident. 

“I don’t want to bebop around it. It’s brutal, really, because it’s a very unfortunate set of circumstances, but I think everybody wants to move on,” Eckersley said. “I’m the guy that wants to move on. I want to say that the fans have been great -- this support they’ve given me is incredible -- but let’s move on. The Red Sox are trying to win.” 

Thursday marked Eckersley's return to the broadcast booth after spending last weekend in Cooperstown. He was given a loud ovation when shown in the Legends Suite at Tuesday night's game. 

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