Triple Whammy for England at Start of Second Half, Lead Wales 3-0


It was a triple whammy for England just after halftime. 

In the 49th minute, Marcus Rashford scored an incredible dart straight into the top right of the goal on a free kick. The Wales wall was no match for the English forward whose kick was too high for goalkeeper Ward.

And it was good work on the right side by England because less than two minutes later, star forward Harry Kane came down on the right side with a cross over to Phil Foden in the 51st minute. 

Rashford got another goal in the 68th minute as his shot went right through Ward’s legs. There was no chance for Wales.

It is now 3-0 England. 

This Wales-England fixture is England’s third game in the group stage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup and these goals, it is likely the Three Lions will secure the top spot in Group B and move on to the knockout stage.

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