Ranking the top five USWNT kits ahead of 2023 FIFA World Cup


What’s your favorite USWNT kit?

The United States women’s national team will sport two new kits – home and away – when they take the pitch in Australia and New Zealand for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup this summer.

But how does it rank, specifically the home kit, to previous designs? 

Brandon Gaston, @TheLifeStylest on Instagram, ranks his top five USWNT kits ahead of the 2023 Women’s World Cup:

5. The “Bomb Pop” – 2015 World Cup Qualifying

“...I hope I don't get a lot of flack for this, but [last is] probably 2015, the bomb pop outfit. I know that was, like, you know, either a love-hate. I'm a fan of red, but I feel like there was just too much red. I would have liked to see that look with blue shorts…I think that would have broken it up a little bit better.” 

4. The “Things to Come” – 1991 World Cup

“I think if you look at these outfits, you have to rank them on what it looked like during that time in the nineties. That was probably the style…not super, like, stylistic today, even though the nineties are coming back.” 

3. 2023 Nike Home Kit

“My number three favorite kit would have to be the new one. I know that people don't like the all-white…but one thing I notice on that one is they have the gold swish…so I think that goes with the nice touch. Plus, I think with the all-white having that palette, you can be more, like, accessible as far as, like, your shoes and your actual cleats.”  

2. The “Fantastic Four” – 2019 World Cup

“Number two has to be 2019, the Fantastic Four. Again, I talked about this with the number three pick with the all white, right. It allows you to wear colorful shoes, colorful cleats – that team had a personality in itself, so it can have the all-white. So, in my choice, that's gonna be the number two pick.”

1. The “Waldo” – 2012

“My favorite has to be 2012, the “Waldo” kit. I mean that is so iconic, maybe it's because I'm a little nostalgic. I’m an eighties baby, so I definitely like that. I grew up with Waldo, but I think, overall, you have the stripes, you can see it whether you're a fan or whether you're a player…It has the blue shorts. And I like the fact that I didn't mind the blue shorts, and that it is probably the most recognizable one. So that's my favorite from a stylist perspective. Definitely has to be 2012, the Waldo kit.”

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