Ever Wonder Series: Why do Revs have a pine tree on their kits?


Ya know that red and white flag with the green pine tree that you see everywhere at Revolution games? The one that's all over the stadium and on the back of the jerseys -- er, kits?

When I first saw it, I assumed it was an alternate logo for the team. But as I've watched more Revs games with different groups of people, I find that someone always asks about it.

Is it an alternate logo? And if it is, why not make it the primary logo? It's amazing.

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Well, it's not an alternate logo. It's actually old as hell, even if none of us have seen it outside of a Revs game.

It's called the flag of New England, and it goes back to the 1600s. The puritans whipped it up and flew it as a symbol of resistance against the British government.

So how'd it get tied into the Revs? That would be the fans. Revs supporters would bring the flag to tailgates and games, and the team took notice. The flag became a big part of the Revs aesthetic, so much so that in 2015 the team made a jersey based on the flag.

Now, you can find it sitting above the numbers on the current jerseys.

So no, it's not an official logo of the team, rather a super old thing that the fans brought back and the team embraced. Consider it reason No. 3,050 as to why the Revs rule.

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