Morning Skate: Time for Trouba to make the Jets pay?


Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while thinking it really all comes down to simply knowing right from wrong. It’s that simple.

*Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba could really make the Jets pay with his next contract after the acrimonious bridge deal he signed as a restricted free agent.

*A 42-year-old hockey player named Kevin Porter refuses to give up on his dream of chasing a pro hockey career.

It’s story time with FOH (Friend of Haggs) Adrian Dater as he relays the tale of breaking the news about Denver’s offer for an NHL franchise.

*Two things here: One is the story itself about Rasmus Ristolainen and what kind of role is best for the Sabres D-man. The second point is really a request for everybody to get rid of “The Curious Case of...” to start a story. It’s been overused and it’s no longer clever or unique. Let’s put it away for a while, shall we?

*PHT writer James O’Brien has a salute for the retirement of Pierre-Luc Letourneau LeBlond after some pretty awesome fights at the NHL level.

*A stick salute to both the Red Wings and the NHL for scrambling to quickly craft statements yesterday admonishing and distancing themselves from the disgusting white supremacist groups in Virginia after they used the Red Wings logo on their hate paraphernalia. Both the league and the Wings acted swiftly and powerfully to admonish those hate groups, and they should be commended for showing leadership when they got dragged into an awful situation.

*For something completely different: If only you could take a time machine back to this Dick Cavett mansion in the 1970’s when I’m sure it was the grooviest pad in the Hamptons.


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