Morning Skate: Still waiting on Loui in Vancouver


PHILADELPHIA - Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while writing this from the city of Brotherly Love.

*The natives are getting restless with Loui Eriksson in Vancouver. He hasn’t lived up to the big contract he signed with the Canucks and you can’t say that a lot of people around the Bruins didn’t see this coming. Loui is a nice guy and has some pretty good skills as a two-way forward, but in my opinion, the fire doesn’t burn quite as brightly for him when he’s comfortably in the middle of a long-term deal. This was inevitable no matter where he signed.  

*The Hockey News believes that the Sedins have shown enough this season to remain in Vancouver for the entirety of their NHL careers. I, however, am not quite as convinced of that at this point. One interesting question on them: Would they retire if they had to play for different teams, and staying together just wasn’t an option anymore.  

*A first-rate evisceration from FOH (Friend of Haggs) Mike Harrington after another loss in Buffalo where the Sabres have become an embarrassment.

*PHT writer James O’Brien has Erik Karlsson fully aware of what he’s worth on the market as the conversation in recent days has moved to the next contracts for Karlsson and Drew Doughty. Hint: They will both be massive.

*Down Goes Brown is wondering if the goaltending injury is the final straw that is going to break the Edmonton Oilers.

*For something completely different: If you’re wondering where the "Agents of SHIELD" got their idea for going into outer space this season, look no further than "Guardians of the Galaxy". 


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