Morning Skate: PK, in disguise, spreads some Christmas cheer


Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while getting in that last-minute shopping before Christmas.

*Here’s a video of PK Subban doing random acts of kindness around Nashville for Christmas while dressed up like an old man. This is pretty great.

*Good for Bruins defenseman Kevan Miller, who has found a cause close to him and is championing it will using his status as an NHL player to do some good. This PSA to raise awareness about brain aneurysms now plays right before home Bruins games as well.

*Here’s a pretty funny team hockey photo that was taken with a civil war era camera, and it turns out exactly as you might expect.

*I applaud the effort here with this piece about what influences NHL players outside of their families and hockey, but I feel like this is just surface deep as to what some of the more interesting guys around the NHL are into. There have to be more players like Andrew Ference and Jonathan Toews, who are super into making sure that the natural world is protected around us.

*ESPN asks if NHL players should be pushed into playing on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas when they don’t customarily play. I say “Nope. Nah. No way.” Although some US teams definitely play on Christmas from time to time as I believe the Bruins did just a few years ago.  

*For something completely different: Damn Jerry Seinfeld all to hell for convincing Hugh Jackman to retire as Wolverine prior to the "X-Men" joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That would have been awesome could it have happened even just one.


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