Morning Skate: Khudobin confesses love for Nickelback


Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading while hoping Gronk got the cheap shots out of his system this weekend. 


*In case you missed it yesterday, Anton Khudobin wrapped up an optional practice in Nashville by speaking up to his love and appreciation for the band, Nickelback. The best part was that he seemed to think Nickelback referred to just the name of the one guy singing rather than a group. 


*It must be nice to be Edmonton Oilers owner Daryl Katz, who has bought the most expensive Los Angeles house in the history of the city.


*I must say, I don’t understand where this criticism for HNIC commentator Cassie Campbell is coming from in terms of Hockey News columnist Ken Campbell. She needs to recuse herself from Flames games because her husband is the assistant GM. Perhaps if there was blatant favoritism or some obvious sign she wasn’t telling it straight when it comes to the Flames, but I’ve never found that to be the case with Cassie. Covering the NHL isn’t covering the White House even as we all take what we do with all proper seriousness from an ethical perspective. This all feels really unnecessary to me with somebody that’s very good at what they do.   


*The New York Rangers had a skate in Central Park to get ready for their outdoor game, and some players actually took the New York City subway in their hockey gear to get to the practice site.  


*The Blackhawks are stuck in neutral without an identity after another loss, and it looks like a sad repeat of last season for a team that’s clearly missing something. 


*The city of Seattle is working to upgrade and renovate Key Arena, and it sounds like behind the scenes there are wheels in motion for the NHL to possibly choose them as an expansion team in the coming months. Seattle is absolutely the most logical next choice for NHL expansion if the arena questions can be answered. 


*For something completely different: Cool interview with George Harrison’s son about his love for all things Star Wars, and a few interesting stories about his dad as well. 

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