Monday, Nov. 28: Eichel nearing return for Sabres, Panthers fire Gallant


Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading while genuinely curious how things are going to turn out with the Florida Panthers.

*Apparently everybody is on Habs captain Max Pacioretty’s back up in Montreal, and it is high time to get off of said back.

*A solid long read on the back story of the ECHL with great minor league hockey anecdotes, and the league’s progress to where it is today.

*As mentioned above, FOH (Friend of Haggs) George Richards has the story with Florida head coach Gerard Gallant getting fired from the Panthers after some disagreements with upper management this season. The new GM, Tom Rowe, is going to take control of the team behind the bench as Gallant's immediate replacement, and the word is that the fancy stats group in the front office is firmly behind the decision. 

It could be for the best when it's all said and done, and they deserve to at least have their vision fully rolled out after remaking much of the team this summer. One thing I know for certain, however: Gallant was very well-liked and respected in the Florida room by his players, and things could get worse for the Panthers before they get better. 

They made a lot of changes after an extremely successful season last year, and now they've locked up all of their young players in comfortable, long term contracts. That's going to be a tough situation for any new coach jumping into that situation, and that goes double for a guy like Rowe with zero NHL head coaching experience.  

*It looks like Jack Eichel is nearing a return with the Buffalo Sabres, and could be back in the lineup with the Bruins headed to Buffalo next weekend for an Atlantic Division showdown.

*Jacob Trouba finally busted out with his best performance for the Winnipeg Jets since ending his lengthy holdout.

*His skills and his personality make Minnesota Wild D-man Jonas Brodin a pretty unique character on their roster.

*For something completely different: Apparently there’s a big legal storm brewing in Hollywood about Buckaroo Banzai. No kidding.

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