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Leafs fans are upset about this Brad Marchand play with Timothy Liljegren

Marchand was not penalized on the play.

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Toronto Maple Leafs fans are once again upset at Boston Bruins captain Brad Marchand.

Marchand and Leafs defenseman Timothy Liljegren collided in the first period of Thursday night's game at TD Garden, which the B's won 3-2 in a shootout.

Both players were skating toward the corner when Liljegren initiated contact with Marchand. Liljegren lost the battle, was knocked off balance and crashed hard into the boards. Some fans have pointed out Marchand's stick got under Liljegren as well, but the Leafs defenseman had already lost his balance following the initial contact. It was an unfortunate play, but not a dirty one by Marchand.

The action was halted almost immediately as Liljegren left the ice. He had to be helped down the tunnel toward the locker room.

Here's a replay:

Referee Wes McCauley was standing right next to the play as it happened and did not call a penalty. Should there have been a penalty? Sure, a tripping minor would have made sense. But it's nowhere near a suspension-worthy play.

When asked what kind of explanation he got from McCauley about the play, Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe told reporters, "He just didn't see the stick go in between his legs and can-opener him to make him go feet-first into the boards in the most dangerous area on the ice. He didn't see it."

Keefe also said Liljegren is expected to miss "significant time."

The lack of a response from the Leafs to this play was egregious as well. They didn't stand up to Marchand at all.

Why is an enforcer like Ryan Reaves on Toronto's roster if he's not going to see the ice after a play like that? Marchand had a lot of ice time the rest of the game, and he was still on the ice right after the play with Liljegren, but not once did a Leafs player do anything to address the Liljegren play.

The next time the Bruins play the Leafs is Saturday, Dec. 2 in Toronto. The fans will have plenty to say about Marchand that night. Whether the Leafs' players have a response is anyone's guess.

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