Haggerty's Morning Skate: Holtby with a lot to prove


Here are the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while realizing that July went by way too quickly.

*PHT writer James O’Brien has Braden Holtby with much to prove despite a lengthy, long-term deal with the Washington Capitals.

*Here’s a radio interview with Carolina columnist Luke DeCock about what the Habs fans should expect in Montreal from Alex Semin.

*Speaking of DeCock, here’s a column from him on the open spaces yet to be filled on the Carolina Hurricanes roster.

*Good on FOH (Friend of Haggs) Tracey Myers for showing some love to the Nordiques franchise with a quality apparel purchase. I have a Nordiques hat as well that sometimes gets grumbles from inside the B’s dressing room that I’m supporting the Colorado Avalanche franchise. Now that’s really taking it a few too many degrees of separation for a defunct NHL team name…at least defunct for the moment anyway.

*Former Bruins development camp attendee Josh Jooris has agreed to a one year deal with the Calgary Flames after a solid season.

*Here’s how the offseason moves stack up for the Eastern Conference teams that are trying to get back into the playoff picture.

*For something completely different: Donald Trump says that Jon Stewart’s Daily Show producers are “begging” him to go on Stewart’s final episode. I would love to see it.




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