Backes on Bruins' must-win Game 5: ‘However it happens, it just needs to happen.'


BRIGHTON, Mass – The Bruins are most definitely feeling the pinch at this point.

Down 3-1 to the Ottawa Senators in the best-of-seven series and headed back to the Canadian Tire Center, the Black and Gold need to make one of a few different things happen quickly whether it’s shutting down Erik Karlsson, getting a few more goals from top scorers Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak or hoping to get one more playoff-worthy effort from a patchwork defensemen corps.

Any one of those could spell win and new life for the Bruins against a Senators team that has now beaten them a whopping seven out of eight times that they’ve played each other this season. A windfall of all three happening at once could signal grounds for a special April holiday in Boston. Either way, David Backes knows that a victory must come by any means necessary and feature different level of desperation than we’ve seen thus far in the four games played.

So at this particular point in the series, style points should be way out the window and the grind should be on.

“Four one goal games? We need to find a way to push over into the good side of that rather than the way the last three have gone,” said B’s winger David Backes. “Dominating play is great and will make you feel good…whatever. But it’s results time. You win ugly and it’s still a win, and you add one to your column in your race to four. However it happens, it just needs to happen.

“Make it ugly. Make it pretty. Whatever we need to do and whatever it needs to be or look like, it needs to be on our side in Game 5.”

Backes and the Bruins may just need to muck it up a bit to disrupt the Senators and push a few pucks past what’s been excellent goaltending from a solid Craig Anderson in the series. It sounds like they may just be up for that challenge judging by Backes’ pointed words.

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