Tom Brady cracks ‘Masked Singer' joke after return to Bucs camp


Tom Brady caused quite a stir when he departed Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp on Aug. 11 for "personal reasons." There was no shortage of speculation about the seven-time Super Bowl champion's whereabouts.

One popular theory suggested Brady abruptly left camp to appear on FOX's The Masked Singer. Since Brady signed a contract with FOX during the offseason, rumors of a possible Masked Singer stint spread like wildfire.

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Brady returned to Bucs camp on Monday, and it turns out he reportedly was enjoying "family time" at an exclusive Bahamas resort with his wife Gisele Bundchen. That likely puts an end to the Masked Singer discourse, but Brady had a sense of humor about the theory.

"Wasn’t on the masked singer last week. Was wearing a mask though," Brady tweeted along with an ad for his BRADY clothing line.

(No, that is not Tom Brady doing stunts on that motorcycle.)

In fairness, the Masked Singer theory wasn't totally out there. Brady's longtime teammate and friend, Rob Gronkowski, once made an appearance on the popular program. He just wasn't in the middle of training camp when he did so.

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