Wicked takedown of Newton in PFW Draft Preview


By TomE. Curran

I can't really start boning up properly for the NFL Draft until I get my Pro Football Weekly Draft Preview. The publication made famous by the late, great Joel Buchsbaum is now written by Nolan Nawrocki, who does an amazingly thorough job on every imaginable prospect. I got mine today. It's not kind to Auburn quarterback Cam Newton. Under the "Negatives" for Newton, Nawrocki details the on-field shortcomings. It's a lot of the same critiques we're familiar with: one-year producer, limited field vision, spotty accuracy. But Nawrocki bludgeons Newton when he starts talking about his personality. "Very disingenuous -- has a fake smile, comes off as very scripted and has a selfish, me-first makeup," writes Nawrocki. But Nawrocki was just warming up. He continued, "Always knows where the cameras are and plays to them. Has an enormous ego with a sense of entitlement that continually invites trouble and makes him believe he is above the law -- does not command respect from teammates and will always struggle to win a locker room . . . Lacks accountability, focus and trustworthiness -- is not punctual, seeks shortcuts and sets a bad example. Immature and has had issues with authority. Not dependable."My guess is Nawrocki will not be attending the Cam Newton Draft Party. How will this impact Newton? Well, even though PFW is highly respected, every team in the market for his services is going to do its own deep dive into his character and draw their own conclusions. But with words like these out there, Newton will have those to overcome in the next month before someone writes his name on a card and hands it to Roger Goodell. Tom E. Curran canbe reached at tcurran@comcastsportsnet.com.Follow Tom on Twitter at http:twitter.comtomecurran

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