Why potential NFL helmet rule change in 2021 is great news for Patriots


Do you miss the old "Pat Patriot" helmets? Well, a potential NFL rule change in 2021 could allow the New England Patriots to wear their throwback helmets again.

Current league rules force teams to only use one helmet, which makes it pretty tough to wear classic jerseys. Changes could be coming in the near future, though.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be another beneficiary of a helmet rule change. Tampa Bay's iconic creamsicle jerseys and classic Bucco Bruce helmet are two of the most popular throwback designs. Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians was on The Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday, and he made it sound like the league is considering a rule change to make it easier for teams to wear throwbacks.

"I think once the helmet rule changes next year, we might have some creamsicles and some throwbacks, which I think are the best uniforms in the league," Arians said when asked about the Bucs' new jerseys, which are expected to be unveiled soon (skip to the 8:10 mark in the video below).

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy confirmed in an email to ProFootballTalk that the league is discussing the possibility of a rule change.

“There will be no change for the 2020 season,” McCarthy said. “There are ongoing discussions for a potential change for the 2021 season, but no decisions have been made.”

One of the coolest throwback helmets is New England's "Pat Patriot" design, which was used for many decades until the team switched to the Flying Elvis logo and helmet in the 1990s. How awesome would it be to bring back the helmets shown in the photo below?

The NFL has a long history of awesome logos, helmets and jerseys. It only makes sense to allow teams to use these designs in actual games more often.

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