What's the root cause of the Patriots' offensive struggles?


The New England Patriots offense is running out of time to figure things out before the 2022 NFL season gets underway.

What was advertised by the coaching staff as a "streamlined" offense has looked anything but simplified throughout training camp. The transition to life without Josh McDaniels as the offensive coordinator has been rough for all parties involved.

Perry: Offense ends rocky practice vs. Raiders with explosive 2-minute drill

The Patriots' offensive woes continued in Tuesday's joint practice with the Las Vegas Raiders. Our Phil Perry, who was in attendance for the session, attempted to identify the root cause of the problem in a new episode of Tom E. Curran's Patriots Talk Podcast.

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"I think it's a little bit of the fact that it is just a new offense, and it's been reiterated to me by people who matter in the last 48 hours that this is a new offense," Perry said. "What Mac Jones called it earlier -- it's what I think we were all reluctant to call it because it's really not what the team was telling us publicly early on. ...

"The communication is new. And so, there are guys who have been on this team for a long time that are doing something completely different than they have had to before. And so there is still an acclimation process going on here."

There's plenty of blame pie to go around, but Perry gives most of it to the big guys up front.

"To me, the issues still start on the offensive line," he said. "I know it's just practice so it's hard to tell. Run game, you're not getting tackled to the ground, but for seven of your eight competitive 11-on-11 runs to go nowhere is alarming to me still at this point. And I don't think it's being physically overwhelmed. Although the Raiders have Chandler Jones and Maxx Crosby and some good physically talented guys. That to me is more of a communication and understanding of your assignments kind of issue."

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