WATCH: Felger, Holley get into heated debate over Bill Belichick's age


Should Bill Belichick's upcoming birthday be a cause for concern for the New England Patriots?

Belichick celebrates a milestone birthday on April 16, turning 70 years old, at a time when the Patriots haven't won a playoff game in three seasons.

But how much of New England's success -- or lack thereof -- in recent seasons is due to Belichick's advanced age by NFL coaching standards? Mike Felger and Michael Holley seemed to disagree on Boston Sports Tonight.

Curran: As Belichick turns 70, is he winding down or just getting started?

Holley is of the opinion that any of Belichick's shortcomings have nothing to do with his age.

"You can make poor decisions in your fifties, you can make poor decisions in your forties," Holley said. "Drafting N'Keal Harry in the first round, is that age related? Or is that just that the Patriots don't draft wide receivers well? They didn't draft wide receivers well when Bill Belichick was 48 years old."

This current stretch of futility -- by Patriots standards -- isn't unique for the Belichick era, either. New England failed to a win a playoff game in three straight seasons from 2008-10, too.

But Felger cites an example of Belichick's whereabouts on the first day of free agency three years ago to demonstrate age is catching up with the six-time Super Bowl champion.

"The first day of free agency three years ago? He was on a raft in Barbados," Felger said. "There's no way he would've done that 20 years ago. It's just human nature. He's not putting the hours into the job that he used to. I still think he's working very hard."

Holley countered that Felger's problem is that Tom Brady is no longer here as a means to cover up any of Belichick's shortcomings.

But Felger wouldn't hear it, believing that Belichick is in the same stage Don Shula once was with the Miami Dolphins or that Tom Landry was with the Dallas Cowboys, merely playing out the string.

Watch the full video below and decide which side of the coin you fall on:

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