Ty Law has harsh message for Patriots rookie Jack Jones after Week 4


New England Patriots rookie cornerback Jack Jones certainly doesn't lack confidence.

Jones played a key role, good and bad, in the Patriots' Week 4 overtime loss to the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. He forced and recovered a fumble in the first quarter, and then he intercepted Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers late in the second quarter and returned it for a touchdown. 

Jones also struggled to stop the run and gave up several receptions when targeted by Rodgers.

Patriots legend shouts out Jack Jones after pick-6 of Aaron Rodgers

After the game, Jones told reporters, “Personally, I feel like it’s disrespectful to throw an out route on me." The comment didn't appear to be a shot at Rodgers, just more of a broad statement on how Jones feels about that type of route.

Not everyone liked the comment, though, including Patriots legend Ty Law. The Hall of Fame cornerback explained why in a passionate rant on WEEI's "The Greg Hill Show".

"I love the confidence if you can go out there and back it up. But from what I’ve seen, you don’t know situational football,” Law said Tuesday. "I don’t know what’s going on with that defense, but it’s pitch-and-catch. It’s third-and-short, they need a first down. It’s Aaron Rodgers over there, it’s third down, it’s five yards to go. Why are you seven, eight, nine yards off? That’s pitch-and-catch. You don’t need to run. That’s disrespectful by doing that to your defense -- no one is playing and challenging the receivers.

"You make a couple plays, you get an interception, but to say something like that, you’ve got to have some swag, and go out there and make some plays. I don’t think anybody in that secondary, especially a rookie, can say something like that. You ain’t making enough plays to say something like that. Shut up."

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Sure, it's probably not great if rookies talk a ton of trash when they haven't accomplished much yet. On the other hand, most of the best cornerbacks in NFL history were pretty cocky and very confident in their abilities. It comes with being an elite cornerback. 

Jones has a long way to go before joining the upper-tier of his position, but the Patriots should be encouraged by his play through four games, as well as the confidence he has in his talent.

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