Tom Brady playing elsewhere after 2019? Tom Curran thinks so. . .


It's difficult to imagine Tom Brady in a uniform other than the Patriots', but Pats fans might have to start accepting it as a real possibility a couple years down the road.

NBC Sports Boston's own Tom E. Curran appeared on WEEI's "Dale & Keefe" and said if Brady plays past 2019, he doesn't believe it will be in New England.

"I think Tom [Brady] has been of the mind where 'you know what, I didn't love the way it went over the last 18 months, why do I want to re-sign right now? Why do I want to jump?" Curran said. "Things can change, but that's my suspicion. If he plays past 2019, it will be in another city."

Curran doubled down on that suspicion during NBC Sports Boston's Arbella Early Edition.

"The Patriots are really in a position where they tried to have Jimmy Garoppolo around so that he could be the bridge," Curran said. "They wanted to find whatever way they could to keep him around whether it was franchising him, a bridge contract, it didn't work out. And that was for a 40-year-old Tom Brady. Now [after the 2019 season] he is going to be 43. Do you think they're going to want to extend him after 2019? No. And I don't think that Brady will probably want to stick around with any place that doesn't want him."

Not only does Curran expect Brady to play elsewhere if he chooses to continue his career after 2019, he expects Brady and Rob Gronkowski will be a package deal.

"If [Brady and Gronkowski] both decide in 2019 they want to continue playing, I would not be the least bit surprised if they went someplace together," he said.

"Based on all of the observations I've made on these guys over time, based on conversations I've had, understanding the landscape from the team's side and the player's side, my suspicion is if Tom Brady gets to the end of his contract and decides to keep playing, it's going to be a much more amicable split than we expect."

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Brady made it clear on the "Tom vs TIme" epilogue he hopes to play until age 45. If that wish comes to fruition, Pats fans may be forced to watch their beloved quarterback behind center for a new team for his final two seasons.


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