Tom Brady may go fingerless vs. Jaguars


FOXBORO -- With almost a dozen stitches in the palm of his hand, Tom Brady needs to figure out how to protect the wound and maintain his grip. 

Which means he may go with the Judd Nelson/John Bender Look. Brady doesn’t love wearing gloves and going fingerless will allow him to keep a feel for the ball while also making sure the sweat, spin, field turf pellets and foreign objects don’t get all over what was – by all accounts – a nasty wound. 

When he came out for pregame warmups, his hand was gloveless. The palm, however, was taped.

After running the Patriots' offense through some drills, Brady left the field three or four minutes before the rest of his teammates.

Going against a talent-laden Jaguars defense with two of the best corners in the league is enough of a challenge. For Brady, doing it with an injured hand and a protective glove he isn’t used to, has to be an upset to his all-important routine. 

Brady’s a slave to routine and process. This week has upset that. How much that invades upon his performance we will see this afternoon.


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