Tanguay: Tom didn't come clean, and his legacy is shot


Tom Brady’s four-game suspension still stands, and it's not the ball-deflating needle that did him. It was a broken cell phone.

Stephen A. was right, and so was I. Why destroy your cell phone if you have nothing to hide?

Roger Goodell says Brady claimed he had his assistant destroy his cell phone when he obtained a new one. It just so happens Brady started using the new phone on the same day he met with Ted Wells. The old one, with the evidence on it? It went night-night with the fishes.

Then, according to Goodell, Brady claimed it is his common practice to destroy previously used cell phones upon buying a new one. Come on, Tom. You expect Goodell to buy that? Please. Furthermore, the NFL states that Brady had not destroyed the cell phones he used before the one he did destroy. (Honestly, how they know this I have no idea.)

It’s one thing to have a smidge of air released from a ball, but destroying evidence just looks soooo badddd. Now, his legacy is beyond repair.

And Brady and his legal crew may not be able to get this into court. My legal source tells me destroying evidence will greatly damage his chances of obtaining the temporary restraining order needed to avoid his suspension and bring this case to court.

There is no doubt Goodell botched this from the get-go and the mess was created by his ineptness. However, Brady now shares the blame because he wouldn't come clean.


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