Tanguay: Haven't the Patriots learned their lesson? No on Adrian Peterson


Per reports, Adrian Peterson, admitted child beater, will visit the New England Patriots today.

Also today, the prosecution rested in the double murder trial of former Patriot Aaron Hernandez.

W T F!

I thought the latter taught the Patriots their lesson, so the former would not occur. Peterson is a future Hall-of-Fame running back. In 2015 he rushed for 1,485 yards and last season was hurt.  At the age of 32, he’s probably done. But, even if he isn’t, I don’t want him playing for the Patriots. I don’t want the guy in the state. 

During his trial for physically abusing his four year – FOUR YEAR OLD – son he tried to sell us the excuse that his parents beat him so he did the same to his son because it was part of his culture. I realize psychology tells us this is typical behavior, but I never understood why.  If a person suffered the pain and humiliation of being smacked around by Mom and Dad, wouldn’t they want to protect their own child from such deviancy? 

What I found even more disturbing are those who want to give Peterson a pass. Huh? Then a co-worker lays on me if Peterson was 22, I would want him on the Patriots. NO! Damn it people, there comes a time when in Bill We Trust does not out weight common decency.

Adrian Peterson should never step on Gillette Stadium soil. 

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