Tanguay: Are Patriots relying too heavily on Brady?


With last year's additions of Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner, gone were the days that virtually every game weighed on the right shoulder of Tom Brady.

For once the Patriots had a defense that could slow down offenses and win games on the defensive side on the ball.

With the departure of the corners this offseason and no one to replace them, Gary Tanguay worries that the pressure will be on the quarterback to once again carry teams to victory. 

"Last year was such a relief because it wasn't all about Brady," said Tanguay. "It was about Darrelle Revis and it was about defense that could stop guys. So it wasn't all about him… Brady could go out and throw a couple of picks, but because you had a defense that could get stops you weren't as worried about it."

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