Stats paint picture of Belichick, Brady's unyielding drive to improve


There are countless statistics we can point to that help us understand exactly what it was that Tom Brady did in New England. Believe me. We've done it. 

There are countless statistics we can point to that help us understand exactly what a moribund franchise the Bucs have been -- like the one that says Brady could lose his next 280 starts and still have a better all-time record than Tampa Bay has at the moment -- and how Brady will try to alter their course. Believe me. We've done that, too.

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But what about the marriage between Brady and Bill Belichick? It's been as productive as any in the history of the NFL. And while their six shared rings are all the proof they need, there are statistics we can point to that help us understand just how much better they were than everyone else between 2001 and 2019. 

Warren Sharp of Sharp Football Analysis and Sharp Football Stats laid those numbers out for us Tuesday soon after Brady announced he'd be continuing his career elsewhere. 

Brady and Belichick's shared winning percentage when trailing at halftime? Forty-two percent. Considering that's almost 10 percent better than the No. 2 team (the Packers, 33 percent) and 20 percent better than the NFL average since 2001, that's a remarkable testament to the duo's effectiveness in making halftime adjustments. 

When things got even more daunting later in games, when the Patriots trailed after three quarters, their winning percentage was 32 percent. That's better than the next-best club by six percent (the Colts) and better than the NFL average by 15 percent. 

At home, no one could touch Brady and Belichick. They won 84 percent of their games when they had the benefit of playing in their own stadium. The next-closest team? The Ravens, who didn't really even sniff the 80 percent mark (74 percent).

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After losses, no one was better than Brady and Belichick when it came to rebounding. They won 78 percent of their games following a loss, easily outpacing the next-best team (Steelers, 65 percent), and blowing away the league average of 46 percent. 

And despite hiccups in December in each of the past two seasons, improvement, as the calendar flipped to December, was a staple of Belichick and Brady's teams. Their winning percentage in the season's final month sat at a whopping 81 percent. The Steelers and Packers tied for a distant second in that category since 2001, checking in with a 69 percent winning percentage in December. 

However you slice it, we'll never see another partnership like Belichick and Brady's. Their collective unflinching refusal to do anything but improve -- from the first half to the second half, from the beginning of the season to the end -- will never be matched.

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