Sideline stoicism: Why Bill Belichick has zero reaction to Patriots touchdowns


FOXBORO -- The video was oh so Belichick. 

The Patriots coach was featured on Sound FX, an NFL Films production, during last weekend's win over the Dolphins. In it, his reaction to each of his team's five touchdowns on the afternoon was featured. 


Why? Because there was no reaction.

One score after the next, while others clapped or raised their arms, Belichick simply stood there, either with his hands in his pocket or motioning toward the microphone on his headset. 

He was asked about his sideline stoicism during a press conference on Friday morning. 

"I'm happy when we score," he insisted. "I'm really happy when we score. But there's a decision that's gotta be made on the next play and the next play and the next series. Now the game's changed, whether we narrowed the gap or widened the gap, whatever it is. Then there's something that has to be done going forward. That's really a big part of my job.

"A lot of fans come to the game. They cheer. They do a great job. I feel like a big part of my job is decision-making and planning ahead for the next series, the next situation. There is sometimes a little bit of time between a score and a kickoff when you go out on defense. How you're going to kick the ball off or so forth. I feel like I need to do a good job with that. I don't want to let the team down with the responsibilities that I have."

Think of it as "on to Cincinnati" taken to another level.

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