Rex Ryan won't coach in 2017: ‘I'm tired of getting '


After eight seasons as a head coach, Rex Ryan plans to spend 2017 as a television analyst because "I'm tired of getting f---ed."

"Unless it's a real situation [as a coach], there's no sense of getting into it again," he told the New York Daily News in his first interview since being fired by the Bills on Dec. 27.

Ryan -- who has three years left on his five-year, $27.5 million contract with the Bills -- will work for ESPN during Super Bowl week, and reportedly has been contacted by CBS, Fox and the NFL Network about working for them next season.

"I'm really not that bitter [about being fired] and maybe that $15 million [remaining on the deal] is one of the reasons," Ryan told the Daily News. "I'm not bitter, man . . .

"Yeah, I'm hurt. I was hurt by it. There's no question. But bitter ain't how I feel. I'm like, 'Shoot, if they never wanted me here, then fine. I ain't here. I'm not your coach anymore. Fine and dandy.'"

Maybe he's not bitter, but one of the first things he did was strip his pickup trick of its red-and-blue theme (those are Buffalo's colors) and replace the Bills' logos with Clemson logos.

"I stripped that damn truck the day I got fired," Ryan said. "F--- you guys.

Ryan was hired by the Bills in 2015 immediately after his dismissal by the Jets, whom he'd coached from 2009-14. And he seems to feel differently towards Buffalo than he does towards New York.

"I don't wish [the Bills] bad will. I don't. But I don't wish them luck, either," he said. "I'll be honest: I don't wish them good luck. I don't wish them bad luck. I just don't wish them luck.

"I wish the Jets luck."

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